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Mission and Vision

We’re Not Just Talking About Money,

We’re Changing Lives!

Mission Statement

Through innovative technology, we strive to help kids to understand credit, debt management and other key money management concepts. Thus, giving them an opportunity to excel in life 

Vision Statement

Helping kids around the globe to learn money management, save, invest and break generational cycles  

We are what we believe

Our Core Values

People should not have to second guess what we do, our work and how we treat people will always speak for itself.
We always do the right thing, even when no one is watching.
Collaborative Partnerships
We believe our stakeholders play an integral role in our success and we value feedback so we’ll continue to work with people. We’re not only talking about money, we’re changing lives.
We are what we believe

Meet Our Founder

As CEO, Andre is committed to helping families break generational cycles by helping kids to learn, save and invest. 
We are what we believe

Meet Our Advisors

Danielle Burt

CEO of Toke & Tour 

James Cole Jr.

Board Member AIG  

Elvira Mercili

EarlyOn Manager 

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