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Features of Flip & Floss

Flip DollarsTM

Is a virtual currency designed to teach kids crucial money management skills. Earn 20% Cash back when certain milestones are achieved.

Manage Spending

Be a part of this important journey. Set spending  limits by category or favorite store to limit the amount your child spends. 

One Fee; Dual Access

For one low fee, you gain access to our  Simulated learning environment and Flip & Floss app. Add up to four children at no additional cost.

Flip & Floss

Assign Chores

Helping kids to become independent earners early can  help them to become better money managers. Assign Individual or team tasks while they get paid to teach them valuable life skills.


Frequently Asked

Flip Academy

Flip Academy is an engaging educational platform for children that uses animation, gamification and a banking simulation to teach kids about money management.

There is a difference! Through Flip Academy, we empower students with an immersive learning experience about the world of money. Simultaneously, Flip & Floss facilitates the acquisition of real-life money management skills, enabling kids to earn money, build credit, and invest early.

In Flip Academy, a simulated learning experience means immersing users in virtual scenarios that mirror real-life financial situations. It's a hands-on approach designed to make financial education practical and engaging.

Glad you asked! In Canada, a child can establish credit at age 18, however, a child can legally start building credit as young as age 13 by becoming an authorized user on certain cards.
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